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Deborah Colquhoun
President/ Director of School of Ministry
Bachelor of Theology B.Th., D.M


Deborah is the founder of Spiritual Hospital and the Assistant General Overseer of Canadian Christian Ministries Toronto Ontario, Canada. She is a Pastor, TV Evangelist, Intercessor and Teacher with keen insight into the realm of the supernatural and deliverance ministry.

She is the author of two well reviewed books, Evangelism God's Way Manual and Spiritual Hospital Manual. By the power of the Holy Spirit, she is gifted with revelation and discernment to unlock secrets of the kingdom with signs and wonders following her ministry.

In the secular field, Deborah has worked in a managerial capacity for over fifteen years as a health care Nutrition Manager/Supervisor. From Deborah managerial experience, along with the interactive, leadership and coaching skills she has acquired, teamed with her passion and drive to see God’s people walk in their calling effectively, she brings a unique perspective to the practical aspect of the School of Ministry.

The simplicity with which she expounds and demonstrates the Word of God through her teaching, coupled with the anointing of God upon her life, and the impartation of His revelation knowledge to her, which she brings into every classroom provides students easy comprehension of all her courses and is the building block of a solid foundation.

This also opens the door, ushering in transformation and empowerment to the students and is the key in equipping them to function effectively in ministry. Her classes include: Deliverance Ministry, Practical Ministry, Evangelism Ministry and much more.  Students can expect to receive the hands-on tools they need to operate with confidence in whatever area of ministry they are called.  



Juliester  Alvarez
Vice President/ Dean of Theology

Bachelor of Theology, Masters of Theology and in 2014 he graduated from Mount of Olives with honours and the with the degree of Doctor of Theology. Ph.D.,Th.D,L.H.D


Dr. Alvarez was born on March 11, 1977, in Camaguey Cuba where his family had set up residence from Spain, they then moved as immigrants to Canada in 1986.

In October of 1998 Dr. Alvarez life took on an entirely new meaning when he surrendered his heart and life to Jesus Christ in front of the T.V listening to a John Hagee message, entitle “a message from Hell and to those on the way” from that moment he became hungry and thirsty to have an intimate and passionate relationship with God and his word.

By 2001 Dr. Alvarez was called into ministry and started fearlessly seeking to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission preaching the uncompromising message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as he started to travel Internationally, the ministry started to draw attention, due to the thousands of souls that where being led to the Lord, and the many others who began to be healed by Jesus Christ from various conditions, and sickness in the meetings.

As the lame walked, the deaf heard, and the blind saw, the meetings began grow in number from there, in the thousands as people who would come hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Dr. Alvarez also conducts conferences and seminars internationally, he also been seen in various International T.V, and Radio programs.

Dr. Alvarez received a special calling in pastoring the church the Fire of Jesus Christ ministries. The ministry is focus on developing and helping ministers in their respected calling and sending them out equipped not only with knowledge but in the power of the Holy Spirit “preparing the way of the Lord” for his return

The ministry as also partners with the International Fellowship for Christians and Jews. A ministry program that provides lifesaving assistance to Israel’s needy in the form of food, clothing, shelter, medical and emergency care, and other essentials.

The ministry has also helped out in the coordination of meetings for Benny Hinn Ministries, D.G.S. Dinikaran Jesus Calls, and Morris Cerullo ministries where the team has lead worship.



James Hails
Dean of Music


Pastor James Hails is the worship Pastor of The Fire of Jesus Christ Ministries. James picked up the guitar on an early age and began a journey in worship that would eventually lead him to The Fire of Jesus Christ Ministries. It is there that he learned how to work with the Spirit of God leading people into the presence of His majesty Jesus Christ.

Minister James is now send to lead worship for various ministries where he gives hands on leadership to singers, musicians, and worship leaders across the city not only helping to build up worship teams but teaching ministries the deference between what worship really is and what is not. Pastor James now leads worship in different countries in special events, Pastor James became a certified minister by R.S.O.T.A in January 2016 and ordain minister by CCM in 2017


Mark Padermos

After graduating with honours from York University with Bachelors of Arts in philosophy a minor also in social science, Mark became an experience data analysis, with knowledge of capital markets, trading and trading products. But real success actually came to Mark the day he found Jesus Christ at the early stages of the ministry the Fire of Jesus.

As a hunger for the presence of God became stronger and stronger in Mark, a passion for the word of God was developed; soon afterwards it was evident that there was a calling on his life in the teaching ministry.

Mark is now responsible for preparing curriculum and teaching on a weekly basis augmenting the study accordingly in order to help facilitate learning

Professor Mark is also responsible for keeping financial records, creating financial reports and reporting charitable donations throughout the year. Mark as been sent to various ministries and has become responsible for gauging the students’ reaction and help out disciple the groups. Mark now travels Internationally teaching in pastoral conferences, he became a certified minister by R.S.O.T.A in January 2016 and ordain minister by CCM in 2017



Joy Esdaille
Recording secretary





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